Social Science Research Centre, University of Canterbury
The Social Science Research Centre at the University of Canterbury is a multi-disciplinary centre set up to facilitate a more collaborative approach to social science research within the University and the broader Canterbury region. It includes social scientists from the University of Canterbury departments of history, geography, gender studies, mass communications and journalism, political science, social work, and sociology and anthropology; as well as social scientists from Lincoln University and the Christchurch School of Medicine, and those from the private sector and the Ministry of Social Development.

New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment - (NZAIA)
Staff of Taylor Baines and Associates are active members of the New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment (NZAIA). The organisation brings together those involved in the fields of social and environmental impact assessment. The organisation works to facilitate networking and to improve practice. There is an annual conference.

International Association for Impact Assessment - (IAIA)
NZAIA is an affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). This organisation provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field, to assess, manage and mitigate the consequences of development.

The IAIA publishes the journal Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal and regular newsletters, and holds an annual conference around the world.

The 1998 conference was in Christchurch. Recent conferences were in Accra, Ghana (2009), Geneva (2010), Puela, Mexico (2011), Porto, Portugal (2012) and Calgary, Canada (2013). The 2014 conference is in Vina del Mar, Chile.

The SIA Hub
A key site for anyone interested in the topic of social impact assessment (SIA).

New Zealand Environmental Management
Ministry for the Environment. Information about environmental management in New Zealand.
Homepage of the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.
The New Zealand Resource Management Act 1991, as amended {online}.

The New Zealand Health Impact Assessment Support Unit
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a systematic way of identiying impacts on the well being and health of the population of any proposed policy, strategy, plan or project, prior to and following implementation.

This site includes copies of e-news, completed HIAs in New Zealand and other useful resources and links.

Overseas Environment Assessment Agencies
This site has excellent links to sites in other organisations and countries.
Reports available on practice of Environmental Assessment.

International sites on Participation and Development
Homepage of the International Association for Public Participation.
Homepage of the International Institute for Environment and Development. Includes a wide range of publications and Bibliographies.

Development Banks

The sites of the Asian Development Bank and World Bank include social safeguards policies and guidelines, gender policy and guidelines, resettlement and indigenous peoples policy and guidelines, and other useful information.
Homepage of the Asian Development Bank.
Homepage of the World Bank.

Poverty and inequality analysis of policies and programmes

New Zealand Associates
Homepage of Fitzgerald Applied Sociology.